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2-sport star's recruitment on rise

Elijah Staley is one of the more highly touted two-sport athletes for the class of 2014.

2014 dual-threat QB Elijah Staley

The Marietta, Ga., resident currently holds one offer in football and ten offers in basketball. The football offer comes from Vanderbilt.

Staley is a projected duel threat quarterback in football and a small forward on the hardwood. The 6-7, 213-pound athlete said he fully expects to play both sports on the next level.

“I think I can do both,” Staley said. “I’ve been on the basketball scene longer; I think that’s why I’m recruited more heavily for that sport. I feel after this season I’ll be getting recruited just as hard in football as in basketball.”

Staley said Ole Miss, Georgia, Alabama, Miami and Mississippi State seem to show him the most interest in basketball at this time.

“I’m consistently talking to those teams on the phone,” Staley said. “Ole Miss jumped onto the scene. They’re trying to recruit me hard.”

Staley said he’s slowly starting to build a relationship with Ole Miss head coach Andy Kennedy.

“We’ll just talk about whatever,” Staley said. “It’s usually just regular conversations. I feel we’re building a relationship.”

According to Staley, coaching is one of the things he’ll look into the hardest before deciding which school he’ll attend.

“I want a coach that’s outgoing. I want to be able to build a relationship with my coach outside of basketball,” Staley said. “I want a type of guy that you can step into his office any time of day.”

Staley said he’ll look to family for guidance when the day comes where he’ll have to decide which school fits him best.

“I’m going to talk to my mom, stepdad and older brother,” Staley said. “My brother played at Georgetown, he kind of knows what to look for and what type of coaches I need.”

Staley’s brother would know a thing or two about playing on the next level, Staley’s half-brother is Patrick Ewing Jr.

When talking to Staley about his skills on the court, he said he prides himself in defense along with the ability to slash to the rim.

“I’m very defense oriented. I think I can defend anyone from a point guard to a power forward,” Staley said. “Also,

I feel I have the ability to attack the basketball goal very well. I feel I know how to finish the play.”

Staley has not yet been ranked by 247Sports.

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