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The Hugh Freeze spread offense has officially been introduced to the Rebel Nation.

Bo Wallace was an offensive juggernaut Saturday versus Central Arkansas. Photo by Stan Beall, Rebels247

After months of talking about the potential of what the high-speed system could do for the Rebels, the day finally arrived to see what all the fuss was about.

The first impression went off as planned for Ole Miss, as the new-style offense racked up 49 points in the season opener.

The high tempo was just as advertised. In fact, there were times the tempo was scary fast.

Although at times in the second quarter, as expected in a season opener, there were spells of confusion and misplacement by some of the younger players, the spread still managed to eventually take flight.

The Rebel offense tabulated 78 plays for the game in just under 28 minutes of possession. That number is expected to continue to increase as the Rebels will look to win the time of possession battle which they failed to do against a Central Arkansas team that ran a similar offense.

The offense produced 565 yards and seven touchdowns.

The quick-striking plays made up for a shaky offensive line that did, however, seem to get stronger as the game went on and as the tempo took its toll on the UCA defense. Most of the pass plays were quick-hitters with the exception of some designed play action and roll outs. The Rebels used read options and the legs of their quarterbacks for gashing gains in the middle of the field.

The number of plays Ole Miss was able to execute in a short amount of time was very impressive.

Bo Wallace took the majority of the snaps and managed the offense as if in mid-season form. Wallace protected the ball very well with the exception of an interception that came on a tipped pass at the line of scrimmage.

What made the biggest impression was the effect the success of the Rebel offense had on the Rebel defense.

In the second half Ole Miss was moving the ball at an incredible pace down the field for touchdowns. The momentum created was carried over to the defensive side of the ball as the Rebel defenders finally found their rhythm. The combination created a relentless force that bested Central Arkansas on both sides of the ball.

As the Rebels continue to improve and find more comfort in the system, they could become a dangerous team.

After week one of finally seeing the Hugh Freeze spread offense, the Rebel Nation should be believers.

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