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A few months Ago

  • Prior to the A&M Ole Miss Game, I posted the following:

    "I can see what you are thinking, and Alabama doesn't know it yet, but they may not get out of the a&m game with a w either. this team is a way better team than even their own fans give them credit for. So keep your heads up, I still think u have a fighting chance to take down Arkansas and auburn and even get yourselves in a bowl. Don't let this one get you down. I expect this post to ruffle some feathers, but about 9 pm I want you to refer back to it. And give it some thought. Thanks for the hospitality minus cg87 and see you in the grove tomorrow afternoon. "

    Obviously, I am an Aggie, and I wanted to revisit this statement because some of you boys said it was laughable that we would beat Bama, nevermind the argument that you would beat us. And I made a mental note to come back and say, I told you so...about the A&M game with Ole Miss, About the A&M Game with Bama, about the Ole Miss games with Auburn and Arkansas.

    And and for my final hope,,,,I hope you boys beat the hell outta Miss. State. and get in a bowl game. I made the trip to both Mississippi road games, and I can that I by far was more impressed with Ole Miss. Not just the campus, or the atmosphere, but the people,...the fans. I was thoroughly annoyed at Miss. State for the whole "ice bowl" uniform thing. That was an underachieving season for us, and we were disappointed to be in the independence bowl that year. obviously it was one of their proudest moments to break the .500 mark and get a bowl game that year...but frankly to pretend we have any kind of history with them was annoying...and them hashtagging their endzones. and overall, the high school bell ringing and all that. It was a joke, and we dusted their asses off for them, and even took away all their mojo with our own secret uniform that had nothing to do with the weedeater bowl 15 years ago. Anyway, Good luck,,,,go get your bowl game Rebs, you have earned it. Hotty Toddy and Gig'em Ags.

  • Rebel 30

    Glad you beat bammer! I said often that y'all could hang with them but I never thought y'all would beat them. Obviously I was wrong. Thank you for handing Miss Stake their second demoralizing loss and bringing them back to reality!

    The Future Is Bright! Hotty Toddy

  • Was I shocked that A&M beat Bama, no, because you guys have a great team. Did I think A&M would win that game, no, and if they played again tomorrow, I would probably pick Bama to win. That's no knock on A&M either, it's just that teams don't beat Bama at home very often.

    That's the thing in the SEC, anybody can beat anybody on any given day and A&M just adds to that scenario. There is no doubt that Johnny Football is getting better every game and that A&M will be a team to be feared by defenses for the coming years. A&M was a good addition to our conference and has certainly proved that they are well worthy of being in the SEC.

    I would caution you that things change rapidly from year to year in the SEC though, and just when you think your team is ready to compete for a championship, things can fall apart very quickly. Ask Auburn about that one if you don't believe me. Take it from a fan of a team that has been on that roller coaster for many years. Just like you guys beat Bama on a given Saturday, any of the other less suspecting teams in the SEC can and will jump up and bite you and surprise you and knock you off your pedestal in the blink of an eye.

    Right now A&M is probably the hottest team in the SEC and you should end the year with only two losses and have a shot at a very good bowl. Good luck with the remainder of your season and we look forward to getting a shot at you at home again next year.

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