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Dear AD Ross Bjork

  • Thinking back about it, do you ever notice us reset the offense and call a play? Do we have any plays? If so, who's calling them and when and how? I think we are just playing street ball, and nobody can argue that we don't play defense, because we know nothing about solid fundamental defense. What is Barnes doing these day? That guy could coach defense and we had some of the best fundamental defense in the Country when he was coaching, he just had no talent. I like AK and I want him to make it, but I think he's gonna have to get some assistants that can coach defense and scout up some offensive play calling.

    if you want to see good offense, watch Kentucky and Florida. Kentucky does not have as much talent as we do, and they will probably end up in second place in the conference based on fundamental play alone. I also think a lot of this falls on an uninspired group that doesn't seem to give 100%. Maybe that's AK's fault, but I've never seen such a lazy group of players that just aren't smart BB players. You have to think a little when playing BB, and this bunch doesn't seem to play smart in any way, and I think they are just lazy.