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Giving Freeze a Grade

  • As of right now what kind of grade would you give Freeze? Since they havent played a game I would say B+. He is already bringing in recruits and has Ole Miss number 23 in the nation right now in Recruit. So for so good.

  • Rebel 30

    I say A! Great job in recruiting and during spring practices. Seems he has brought the team back together and has a unified coaching staff. He is taking care of academic issues on the team and not just pretending they don't exist. He is very realistic with the talent he has to work with and not feeding us s load of BS.

    The Future Is Bright! Hotty Toddy

  • I have to give him an "A" at this point. It is early to measure results. So, based on effort, a positive message and creating momentum that is what I see. It is kind of like having an "A" for the first pop quiz though. It will not mean much if the staff lets off the gas. "So far so good" is pretty accurate.

  • Hard to grade him.... I will say this...He is working harder than previous staff...and I think harder than Coach O staff the last year he was here. Right now..we are suffering from the effects of a very poor recruiting effort from Coach O last year...and Nutts first year. Nutts next class has been proven to be over rated, with the next two classes ho hum..... Freeze first class was not very good at which I don't blame. Freeze is doing a tremendous job in going all over the country looking for talent. We are getting some looks...and a couple of players have committed who can help....but it is yet to be determined if he can reel in SEC talent deep enough to win. One thing is certain...he is working his tail off.

    Word from some of the staff members on the Ole Miss team says that the talent level at Ole Miss when they came in was not to different from the talent level at ASU. Personally...if we had played ASU last year... I think they beat us by there has to be some reality here. I watched our spring game and then watched Bama spring game on TV and the stark difference from the players from a physical stand point was incredible. (I really think Bama is Juicing big time over there...every one of those players looks like they are on roids) With the offense we are running....Freeze better recruit speed....speed....speed...and when in doubt...recruit speed. We lack that on offense now.... we need a team full of Jeff Scotts on the field.

    I want to be competitive... I want tremendous attitude and togetherness..and I want the Ole Miss fans to get behind the team and program...expect championships...but allow time to let that happen. This will not happen over night.