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Ole Miss has taken our licks for years.

  • We have taken our licks for years in recruiting, bad calls, The Elston suspension, and Bad bad bad press.

    Fast forward and we have a man, Coach Freeze that loves Ole Miss. He is selling what he loves and we are getting what appears to be breaks on the recruiting trail and the "others" start to whine.
    It is a lot easier selling what you love hen a product / paycheck.

    As Charlie Brown says "good grief!"

    Why do Ole Miss fans follow a program that hasn't had great success for the last forty years, BECAUSE WE LOVE IT!

    Maybe some top ranked athletes could fall in love with it. Ever thought of that?

    So quit crying about not having a stacked deck against us and get ready for Feeding time for Moncrief and the Land Sharks.


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    24 up votes and 3 / 4 down votes is almost like giving everyone a trophy, win or lose.